Process of identifying a research topic

A research is the process of analyzing a particular set of data related to an issue, with the goal of reaching a result which will be productive. It starts with deciding the problem which will form the topic of research. The researcher should spend ample time on this stage of research, as selecting the correct issue, which is relevant and offers a good scope for research is essential. The issue must also be such that research is practically possible.

The scholar first decides on a general periphery within which he wants to limit his research. Then he narrows down the consideration to a specific area which can be researched within a limited time and with limited resources at the disposal of the researcher. The next point which needs to be considered is the literature available on a topic. A subject might have been researched many times before, and there must be an existing body of knowledge about the topic. Through a review of the literature, a scholar must study the information already documented. A Dissertation service can be hired, which will help a researcher to judge the research gap and identify the area of research suited to the current project. This process will also make the topic more focused as the researcher goes through books, journals and articles related to the subject and can define the topic of his research in clear terms.

The hypothesis has to be formed in order to define the problem and state probable solutions. Chanakya Research helps a student frame the hypothesis and research questions. This will be helpful in doing data collection and making the research design. When a topic has been finalized, it needs to be presented in a set format. UK dissertation writing services can assist students in writing the title and research questions in the required format.

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